1. Bravo, Gap.

  3. Theodore dragged my duffle out of the closet by the strap and nestled himself into it to take a nap. *sigh*

  4. I made french toast and the day has improved a smidge.

  5. A+ parking job there, buddy. Gold star.

  6. Tea time with Gramma! ^_^

  7. Back to school supplies from Gramma! No school for me, but my office area will be very happy ;)

  8. Good morning! Happy Saturday :)

  9. Buffalo chicken mac&cheese. I suddenly find myself in a food coma.

  10. These will either be revolutionary or completely terrible. I’m willing to risk it though

  11. Momma and Erin, the best of buds <3 (photo circa 1997) #transformationtuesday

  12. Pink lemonade cupcakes…?

  13. Family above all else.

  14. The girls and Uncle Lou <3

  15. Location: Strugglesville, U.S.A.